Wormcity Wormery Reviews

We are justifiably proud of the reviews that our customers have given us, so we thought that we would show a small selection from Amazon, Google and Facebook so you can see for yourselves just what people say about the Wormcity Wormery

Google Reviews

17 October 2023
Just recieved my wormery and set it up great company and very quick delivery would recommend cant wait for worms to do their job thank you
Louis Hunt
13 October 2023
My wormery has just arrived in good order. I wish to say thank you for a seamless, timely and professional transaction. I am 'well chuffed' with my whole 'Worm City experience'. Would I recommend 'Worm City'? ..without a doubt.
Sam Beckett
26 April 2023
It's been 20 months since ours were delivered and with all the advice we got our pair of wormeries are doing fantastic. We didn't get them into the garage before the cold freeze of December 2022 (it had been mild) and the trays are big and deep enough that the worms breezed through it, even though the top tray was frozen. I just poked a scoop into a tray and found a couple kilograms of worms hanging out. So obviously super healthy ones were sent. We don't have space for a composter so it's brilliant to have this alternative. My only regret is I didn't buy one sooner. We've got great vermipost out of it and are using it in our plants. Then there's the worm tea, I can deliver a safe pick me up to the school's vegetable garden at the weekends and just before rain that the kids can't get into. My Rhubarb takes off every time some of this is sloshed on. I accidentally spilt some (arachaphobia played a part) and the rain washed it into my neighbours garden and he couldn't figure out why it suddenly became a jungle. Whoops. Also, my son got a Scout badge out of helping move them indoors for the winter, getting cardboard from the shop and putting that, along with kitchen waste into them. The picture shows one scoop's worth or worms
Stuart Pearce
27 March 2023
I have just taken the plunge of buying my very first wormery. After taking some considerable time searching on the internet I found the family run company of Wormcity Wormery. The product looked really well made and well designed so after contacting Ronnie one of the owners of the company to ask a few questions that I was still unsure about I decided to go ahead. I need not have worried about anything everything was sent to me in perfect condition and was exactly as describe. Excellent Product and excellent Customer Service. Nothing was to much trouble for the Wormcity Team.
Ian Mantel
4 August 2022
I purchased direct from the WormCity website, saved myself £10 compared to the price on Amazon. Delivery was very quick and the product was well packed. Very easy to set up. This replaces an 'Original Wormery' and already I can see the benefits in the tray system. Happy buyer
KES Hatton
19 June 2022
I have had my 100 litre wormery almost a year. It was a birthday present from my wife last August. I am very pleased she chose the 4 stack. I did have a problem though and as usual it is my lack of patience. I was so keen to harvest compost i emptied the bottom bin early, spent ages and ages sifting through and removing worms which i returned to 2nd tray. I was dissapointed with the small amount of compost i got. However i now realise i need to ne patient. I have a huge number of worms, all look very happy and have 3 trays with composting food having just emptied the bottom tray. Nice compost! I have also had lots of liquid which we add to our water butts. No ants, no flies, no woodlice. I do chop all my food before adding it, Chop into little bits which i am sure helps the worms I never add onions or citrus and in the summer i put the wormery in the cool of the garage (and winter) Very happy, i hate waste so this is brilliant, even though we have a food waste collection i still use the wormery. Best present ever >
Gordon Stronach
18 June 2022
Absolutely fantastic service as I had my wormery within 24 hours of ordering it and it came with a comprehensive set of instructions and advice of how to get the best out of it and how to make the worms feel completely at home. The wormery itself was easy to set up it took me about 10 minutes and it was done. The worms themselves looked and felt very healthy too.
Paul Hanney
16 April 2022
Excellent customer service and wormery.
Lunar Sea
23 March 2022
Wonderful customer service from this company – I had a couple of issues with the ordering process but Ronnie went above and beyond to help. Order placed Thursday and wormery received the next day! Product as described, easy to set up and plenty of healthy worms included. Comprehensive instruction manual also contains information to prevent ‘worm wander’…. I followed the instructions to the letter and all have stayed put! I’d recommend anyone looking to purchase a wormery to choose Wormcity – everything about the products and the business is 5*!!

Amazon Reviews

Amazon Customer
21 April 2024
Des Res for worms I’ve had wormeries before but this is the best one by far. Instructions are simple and customer service is excellent. Definitely recommend, don’t waste your money on anything else you won’t be disappointed!
Mike Spencer-Harty
13 April 2024
Good instructions for a successful setup Well packaged and easy to set up, there were a few worms on the outside of the bag that made a surprisingly quick escape but were quickly rounded up. There were good setup instructions which were useful. I tore the cardboard box it arrived in into small pieces, soaked them, then used them to cover the soaked and coir bedding added some feed and the worms as suggested. Worms seem happy and are staying put. Will start to add veg waste in small quantities from week two.
23 March 2024
I have fallen in love with my new worms Beautifully designed wormery. Very clear instructions included. And my worms arrived in fantastic condition, Has room for future growth and expansion of the colony in the future.
17 March 2024
Excellent Really pleased. Easy to assembleThe worms are thriving
6 March 2024
Very pleased Its a good size and so can be moved if needed.The worms are still alive..
31 January 2024
Wormery The item arrived on time easy assembly.
13 January 2024
Well made Well made, good instruction booklet, however did use their website as well. As described being new worms tried to run away, for want of better expression , put 3 handfuls of old compost in , worked straight away no more tried to escape. Fed them food that came with worms, then just started 2 weeks adding little bits of kitchen waste. First time trying a wormary. Well pleased so far.
20 August 2023
Great but would reccomend Great but would reccomend perhas lining the bottom tray with some sort of mesh that will allow the liquid feed to filter through, i was collecting some for my plants to day only to find some baby escapees, when I opened it up further it was a little baby worm massacre. other than that this product is great
Amazon Customer
17 July 2023
Worm city Great professional service, arrived within the time scheduled. Easy to assemble, full instructions came with it. Decent size also. Doesn't dominate the space it's in and produces a decent amount of compost.
Stefan P.
2 July 2023
Sturdy unit Everything you need to become a worm farmer and compost maker.The unit assembly was fairly straightforward, no tools are required, with the various sections feeling solid and well made. The instructions are very clear and concise not only for putting the wormery together but also containing lots of hints & tips to enable the novice to achieve the best possible start.Just the job!

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